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A broker deplores the fact that only Intact to invest in the brokerage


Andrea Lubeck

August 3, 2017 13:45

Photo : Freepik

The broker in damage insurance, Mathieu Ledoux, president of the firm Assurances Ronald Ledoux, deplores the fact that the only insurer that they invest actually in the brokerage or at Intact Insurance.

«To have dealt with several insurers, the other does not show the same interest Intact to ensure the survival of the brokerage,» he confided in an interview with the Journal of insurance. Mr. Ledoux points out that the insurers, however, have a vested interest in ensuring the sustainability of the brokerage since the broker are great sellers.

And despite the fact that each insurer offers bonuses and performance commissions, contingency, Mr. Ledoux laments the lack of investment on their part. It is partly for this reason that his firm has joined theAlliance for a brokerage stronger. Mr. Ledoux specifies that he is the sole owner of his firm and that there is no insurer as a shareholder.

«Other insurers do not invest for the phone to ring, while Intact strives to do so. What is Intact is trying to create a monopoly ? I could not say. What I do know, is that they invest in what we do, » he concludes.

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