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A broker said that he was concerned by the end of the sending of the contract paper by Intact


Hubert Roy

24 July, 2017 13:30

Michel Huard, president of the brokerage firm Assur-Axes Michel Huard said that he was concerned by the recent decision ofIntact Insurance not to send a paper copy of the insurance contract upon its renewal. He has sent a letter of opinion of the insurance Journal to share his concerns. We will present it in its entirety.


I would like to give my opinion on the recent policy from Intact insurance, concerning the abolition of the client’s copy.

I am the owner of my firm and Intact Insurance represents a certain volume, but not the majority for my firm.

First, I confirm that no representative of Intact has made contact with me in any way whatsoever in order to verify if this is detrimental in my customer service.

I’ve been surprised lately this new method imposed on us and which do not fit with the reality of my customers.

The comments received are the following :

  • I too get email from anyone and anytime.
  • I will not often check my email account.
  • I’m not familiar or fairly familiar with this technology.
  • I don’t know how to save these information.
  • I don’t have the time to read all that between.
  • I find boring the reading the computer screen.
  • I don’t have a computer.
  • My computer is broken and I don’t have the time to repair it.
  • I do not trust to computers.
  • I’m afraid to lose the information.
  • I prefer to touch my police to be better able to read it.
  • And other reasons which are equally commendable.

«Are we really still need me ? «

This latest decision sends a message that is disturbing to my brokerage firm to me, meaning that finally, is what we really still need me ?

The brokerage firm is on the front line and has the responsibility to collect the relevant information from the consumer and transfer it, after analysis, with insurers who have an agreement with this firm.

How can I be present for my clients if my own insurance provider substitutes for me to communicate directly to them, either by a tacit authorisation to consult their insurance record, personnel on the site of the insurer or by any other mode of communication that does not require the intervention of the cabinet, of which the consumer is, however, a customer initially !

I believe not to be the only one who has this injury and I sounded the alarm to the brokerage industry in order that our insurance providers view us as genuine partners to which they must also establish a bond of trust and to maintain it in spite of the changing conditions in the market. The last thing desirable is that a service provider uses this quality of communication that we have with our customers, to eventually detach from our distribution network and deal directly with them.

I agree with the efforts made by our various suppliers to restrict the use of paper in a green shift. The proof, the forest industry vivote currently. However, there are limits that should not be exceeded in order to maintain the balance of the distribution network through brokers vs. direct writers, who yet continue to send physical documents to their customers.

I have no echo, on the part of my current customers or those who communicate with us to get quotes of insurance, on the fact that they are being imposed by their former company, the obligation to get their fonts directly on the website of the insurer and some tell me even that this would make them very uncomfortable.

I ask all stakeholders to reflect on our future as an independent representative so that we can remain autonomous. The portrait of entrepreneurship in Quebec is very interesting at the level of the insurance brokerage and I am keenly interested in what the remains.

Thank you.


Michel Huard
Insurance broker damage
Asshur-Axes Michel Huard inc.

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