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A counselor creates a support group for compensation claims issues


Susan Yellin

21 June 2017 07:00

You don’t learn anything at Kim Shaheen , saying that about 40 % of complaints submitted to theinsurance Ombudsman of people relate to disability insurance.

Financial advisor since April 1977, Mr. Shaheen’s offer disability insurance as part of its work. However, it has a lot of difficulties in approving his own compensation claim disability insurance.

After receiving a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis 15 years ago, the resident of Regina, Saskatchewan, has experienced many phases of remission and relapses. This autoimmune disease is unpredictable her experience of hours and hours of pain, tension and stiffness, not to mention the anxiety that accompanies it.

Multiple sclerosis is unfortunately a well known disease in Canada. It affects about 100,000 Canadians, which makes it the country to show the highest rate in the world.

As a financial advisor, Mr. Shaheen had procured two policies of disability insurance as private. He also owned an insurance collective to which he had subscribed when he was part of a group of advisors, a little earlier in his career.

When he submitted a claim, each of its three insurers provided him a different answer. The first requested additional information and has approved the application after having received it. The second application, presented to a large insurance company, is in treatment for more than two years. This insurer continues to seek clarification. The third was refused. Mr. Shaheen had forwarded to the Ombudsman.

In the past, Mr. Shaheen has fought on behalf of its customers so that they can get their compensation when the insurer refused or demanded more information. He invited all councillors to do the same.

«Make sure you have an active advisor, recommends it to its customers. If you ever submit a compensation claim, you need someone by your side. «

At least one other advisor had spoken to him a request that took 18 months to settle, during which time the client has experienced financial distress, lack of access to income. «I am involved in the defence of my clients, and thank God I did not lost any battle. «

The man has today created a group consisting of two physicians, a former client and himself, who all want to know about the difficulties some policyholders to approve their request for compensation.

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