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A partnership to prevent rather than cure


Andrea Lubeck

17 August 2017 07:00

Anne Martel

This is after having been the victim of a virus, and to avoid that their clients find themselves in the same situation as the firm insurance Martel & Martel is a partner with the firm in cybersecurity, CyberSwat.

«It is an important ally that allows us to prevent rather than cure with our clients, and put all the chances on our side to ensure that it will not be attacked. For our existing customer base and future, it is an added value, » stresses Anne Martel, co-chair and a damage insurance broker.

The virus has managed to paralyse the operations of the office for a few hours, says Ms. Martel. And the call for help at the department of information technology (IT) has been unsuccessful, which prompted her to call the company to cyber security, and then to push this business relationship to a partnership.

Companies doing business with Martel & Martel are offered a diagnosis of their Web site by the specialists of CyberSwat, to see if the doors have been left open by the people who designed the site. They can receive tips and tricks to properly close all doors and access to webinars for further information on cyber security.

«CyberSwat fills the need left vacant by insurers who do not have a good product. They provide a tool that is used to help businesses protect themselves, to avoid use of the insurance product that does not offer adequate protection at this time. When insurers will develop products to cyber security with a acceptable guarantees, this will be wonderful. It remains that he will always protect themselves before, » says Ms. Martel.

Furthermore, Anne Martel has entrusted the Journal of insurance, through the partnership, she was invited by an » insurer of scale «, in that she did not want to be named, to offer his perspective on a pilot project to develop new products to ensure the cyber risks. Ms. Martel argues that the project is well advanced and that the product could be rolled out in the fall.

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