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A partnership to promote the advancement of women in insurance



12 September, 2017 09:45

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Aviva Canada, Mills Brokers Insurance Solutions , and theIvey Business School at Western University have recently concluded a partnership which provides for the creation of the scholarship fund Women Creating Legacy in Insurance. This fund will provide two women pioneers in insurance for a scholarship for the program, Ivey Leadership from the Ivey Business School.

The scholarship fund was created in tribute to a leader in the insurance industry, Christie McKechnie. Ms. McKechnie has opened his own brokerage firm in 1979, and its integrity, its sense of innovation and its prioritization of the client have made over the years a source of inspiration for the entire community.

Promote the advancement and leadership of women

The fund was established to acknowledge the accomplishments of Christie in the insurance sector, also aims to promote the advancement and leadership of women in insurance. Are eligible for a scholarship, women from across Ontario, aged 40 years and under, who are working in insurance and who, like Christie, in that they aspire to excellence, believe in innovation and places the interests of the customer at the heart of each of their decision.

Nominations end on October 2, 2017 for the course for November’s program, Ivey Leadership. Nominations for the course from April 2018 will be accepted at the beginning of 2018.

«Huge respect from his peers»

«[Christie] embodies the success, because it has built its business and its relationships around the principles of integrity and responsibility, and it is based on these same principles to grow its business and take all its decisions. It earned him enormous respect from his peers, his employees and his customers, » pointed out Amy Mills, daughter of Christie McKechnie and president of Mills Brokers Insurance Solutions.

For his part, Jason Storah, vice-president, Network of brokers, Aviva Canada is proud to highlight the achievements of Christie McKechnie in the insurance sector.

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