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A platform against distracted driving launched in partnership with the Co-operators



January 19, 2018 09:45

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The canadian Coalition against distracted driving (CDS) has launched a platform of online information that contains tools that help governments and stakeholders to develop effective strategies to reduce distracted driving. This initiative is led by the research Foundation traffic injury and its program of Drop It And Drive, in partnership with the Co-operators.

The platform contains the most recent research, statistics and data on distracted driving laws and penalties in Canada, as well as a variety of resources and educational tools.

A worrying situation

Nearly one fatal accident in four was caused by distracted driving in 2013. «All the agencies are incredibly concerned for the safety of the workforce, Canadians as well as their families and friends. We all ask ourselves the same questions about the size of the problem, what we know about it, the data available and the strategies that can reduce distracted driving, » says Robyn Robertson, president and chief executive officer of the Foundation for research on traffic injury.

«We have created a platform for information online, so that organizations can spend less time searching for answers and more time working on solutions «, she adds.

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