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A tenant on three does not have home insurance



6 September 2017, 13:30

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According to a survey conducted by the insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) survey of 3 076 people, 37 % of quebec tenants do not have home insurance. A deplorable situation which clearly puts at risk their financial security, since the insurance covers the civil liability, in addition to protecting the goods.

The price of the insurance is the first reason given by nearly half of the people who do not possess home insurance (48 %). The TRAY reminds us that almost 70% of the insured tenants pay no more than $ 22 on a monthly basis for insurance. The lack of property to insure or their low value figure in the second place, of the reasons mentioned for not to have a home insurance policy.

Finally, 15 % of respondents believe, incorrectly, that the insurance of the owner will compensate them for their property in the event of a problem. A belief still more marked in the 65 years and older, who, in 42 % of cases, would refer to their owner in the event of a disaster.

Need awareness

«This new survey tells us that the population must still be aware of the risks that she runs without home insurance. In addition to losing everything and have no roof over their heads, tenants are not insured may have to indemnify the owner if they were found responsible for the disaster «, stressed Anne Morin, head of public affairs at the insurance Bureau of Canada.

Paradoxically, a majority of respondents knows about the covers offered in home insurance policies. The covers for the flight and the fire shall otherwise remain the most known, followed by the civil liability, vandalism, and water damage.

Still many grey areas

On the other hand, when we ask tenants for non-insured who will pay for repairs if, for example, the bath flooded the apartment of their neighbors, or if a fire damaged their property, unless a tenant on two knows that it is he who would have the responsibility to repair or refund the damaged goods.

«It is interesting to note that although they are aware of the core protections of home insurance, renters uninsured are still many to ignore as it is to them that would return the responsibility to repair or replace goods which have been damaged by their fault to the wake of a disaster,» said Ms. Morin.

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