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Admission to the occupation : the Coalition account go to seek a consensus


Hubert Roy

31 August 2017 07:00

Robert LaGarde | Photo : Réjean Meloche

Robert LaGarde, CEO of the Coalition for the promotion of the professions in general insurance, account set once and for all the debate surrounding the conditions of admission to the profession in general insurance.

At this time, anyone who has his high school and three years of relevant work experience can take the exams for the admission of thefinancial markets Authority, without having trained beforehand. Since then, a large number of years, the Coalition advocates to improve these criteria.

Mr. LaGarde has been entrusted by the Log of the insurance have raised the issue with Eric Stevenson, superintendent of the assistance to clients and the supervision of the distribution, the financial markets Authority. Mr. Stevenson has pointed out to be open to enhancing the criteria. The superintendent said, however, wish that the industry must come to a consensus on this point before intervening. And Mr. LaGarde has far to go to seek this consensus.

«We want to evolve to reach a standard, while taking into account the need to maintain a balance between supply and demand. This offer must, however, be much more qualitative. We will then be able to bring Emploi-Québec to refer people, rather he invites them to go and take the exams directly. »

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