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Ageman will develop the back-office of several entities of Scotiabank


Alain Thériault

27 June 2017 11:30

Nathan Carey

Solutions Ageman will develop the back-office systems of several entities of insurance distribution of Bank of nova Scotia, has revealed to the CEO of Ageman, Nathan Carey. «The agreement affects six departments. The implementation is planned for the 1st of July, » he said.

Ageman was already working since a year ago at this solution for the bank. It is the most recent development in the segment of national accounts, a segment in strong growth for the company. Ageman is positioned primarily from two networks : the general agents and national accounts. Mr. Carey has indicated that its activities were distributed equally between the two.

Cyber-security increased

The CEO of Ageman has explained that the very high standards in the area of cyber security and compliance in large financial institutions benefited to all its customers. «The national accounts often have home systems and Ageman represents for them a solution that they cannot find elsewhere,» said Mr. Carey. We take advantage of the similarities between the business model of the general agents and national accounts. When we make a side, we improve the other also. In recent years, 90 % of the applications our customers have a link with the it security and compliance. We do a lot of work on the protection of networks against cyber attacks, and the applicants are much the national accounts, » said Mr. Carey.

Data exchange format CITS

The agents market the general benefits of these upgrades, stressed the CEO of Ageman. «We have worked a lot on the data exchange format CITS in recent years. But the drivers of back-office behind them, many sensitive data. If it is discovered that Mr. X is insured with the company, Including the bank, as it is splashed, no Ageman. If Manulife requires a new level of security, we are in the middle and its general agents have also » explained Mr. Carey.

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