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Allstate launches its program of insurance telematics in Nova Scotia



14 August, 2017 11:30

After launches in Alberta and Ontario, the insurance telematics Roulerfuté ofAllstate Canada , will now be offered in Nova Scotia.

The objective of this program is to encourage drivers to exercise caution and to allow them to make savings on their insurance premiums through the adoption of good driving habits.

To do this, a small wireless device collects and analyzes accurate data, or the hours driving, the distance travelled, the speed, and the habits of braking. These data are then made available to drivers on a portal.

Reward good driving habits

«In addition to the potential savings to be realized, the insurance telematics offers another advantage of size, is to educate ourselves about our driving habits and those of the other drivers of our vehicle,» says David MacInnis, vice-president of product management at Allstate Canada. We hope that such a program rewards good driving habits, while promoting a climate of safety on the roads. «

Once the program registration is completed and the device is installed, the conduct of the participant will be followed for six months. The data collected during this period will be used to assess if the participant has the right, upon its next renewal, at a discount of up to 30 %. To date, 70 % of the participants have been entitled to a rebate, claims the company.

No increase in premiums

«We have designed Roulerfuté to allow careful drivers pay less for their insurance,» said Mr. MacInnis. The program is not used to increase the premiums of people who are not eligible for a discount. Our goal was and is to always offer the best opportunities for savings to the industry in the country. «

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