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Allstate launches protection against damage caused by water


Andrea Lubeck

March 23, 2018 11:30

Allstate of Canada assurance company launches a protection against the water damage that the owners will be able to add to their home insurance policy. The Protection of WATER presents itself under two amendments, soil Water, sewage and overflow of water courses and ground Water and sewers.

The first is an additional protection of the homes, which covers the damages caused by sewer backup, water seepage and overflow of a freshwater streams. The second protects against the backflow of sewer, water infiltration caused by ground water or surface that infiltrates in a room located under the ground level.

A product that is different in other provinces

If the Protection of WATER is exclusive in Quebec, Ontario, the Maritime provinces and Alberta have a similar product, the Allstate Water Protection. This product covers more than the Protection against WATER.

The limited Warranty sewer back-ups and offers the insured cover against damage caused by water from a sewer, drain, sump or septic tank and a failure of a bilge pump. Support to mitigate the future losses, such as the installation of a check valve, is also included.

Extended warranty

The Warranty extent of the damage of water gives, in addition to the limited coverage and support to policyholders to mitigate future risks, a protection against the overflow of a body of fresh water, a river, a stream or a lake. Water infiltration through the basement windows, through a crack in the floor, the walls of the basement or the garage door are also included.

The expenses related to the installation of a check valve and the repair or replacement of the service lines underground damaged as a result of a failure of the service line, including water, gas, electricity, cable and phone are also covered.

Allstate did not respond to interview requests made by the Journal of insurance.

The water damage downgraded the fire

«The damage caused by water, including those that are caused by the rapid melting of snow and abundant rainfall, pose the most risk to homes in quebec, de-rating the damage caused by the fire,» says David MacInnis, vice-president, product management at Allstate.

«As the damage caused by the water can take on many forms, it was a priority for us to offer customers insurance flexible that can meet their needs. It is in this spirit that we developed these new products. «

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