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ALPHA Insurance is modernizing its image



6 February 2018 11:30

ALPHA Insurance modernizes its brand and launches a new logo, as the company is entering the last stage of its positioning strategy 2015-2018. The insurer argues that this new brand image updated » to better represent its development and its vision «.

ALPHA explains that the process of realization and implementation of the new image have been directed by Marie-Pier Vincent, director, brand and customer experience.

Better represent the company

«The theme, part of the trademark, expresses a force in the progress of which the basic curve represents both the dynamism by its movement, propulsion and agility that knows how to show the company «, underlines the insurer.

«The three lines wide, of the symbol, representing the 3 lines of main business (insurance individuals, insurance companies and security contractors), as well as the bright blue, were chosen to enhance the impression of solidity, security and confidence that wishes to generate ALPHA Insurance. «

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