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An advisor gives$ 1 Million to the Université Laval Foundation


Alain Thériault

5 September 2017, 07:00

Patrick Beaumont

The leaders of insurance companies are not alone in their generosity towards the pane of the Hundred Associates. Patrick Beaumont, a partner in the firm of insurance Peak, has decided to give through a life insurance policy.

The results of the Great Campaign of the Foundation of Laval University was impressed with Mr. Beaumont. He attributes the success to a variety of innovative programs, including the Cent-Associés, which was made to vibrate the fiber of counsel, because it is the first program to promote planned gifts in a manner so remarkable.

The two policies have led to this momentum. «It started with one of our clients who had an insurance policy of$ 1 Million that he wanted to give up. I’ve looked at how we could give back and we chose to transfer it to the Foundation. I also gave my own font to$ 1 Million. «

Aware of being a rare bird by giving$ 1 Million at the age of 37, Mr. Beaumont tells of what led to it. A graduate of Laval University in financial planning, it is said to be started from scratch. «Laval University has helped me to become the entrepreneur that I am. These donations appeared before me the best way to give something back «, he confided.

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