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An agent of Manulife made its entry in the Guinness book of world records



August 2, 2017 09:45

Sun Yung Tsu (Joe Sun), the oldest insurance agent-life assets to Manulife, has been registered in the Guinness World Record as the’ employee who has had the longest career as a salesman «. After 62 years and 238 days of service, Manulife Hong Kong, this man phenomenal 91-year-old continues to assist its customers and to inspire his colleagues with his determination and commitment.

Mr. Sun has established a new Guinness world record on July 11, 2017, and he has officially received his certificate today at a grand celebration of the agency in Hong Kong to celebrate his world record.

Recruited in 1954

«It is a great honour for me to have set a new world record for my long career as an insurance agent. I would like to thank Manulife for having allowed me to do the work that I love and to meet my dearest friends. I enjoyed fully every moment of my first sixty years in Manulife and I do not intend to take my pension, » said Mr. Sun. At work as in life, it is important to always look to the future and stay passionate. «

A native of Shanghai, Mr. Sun was one of seven employees selected from among 400 applicants, to join the office of Manulife in Hong Kong in 1954. The branch consisted of only 20 employees at this time. Thanks to his professionalism and his passion, he became one of the officers of the most successful Manulife.

Many prestigious awards

Over the years, he has received many prestigious awards, including the title Insurer, emeritus, five star in 1979, it ranked among the top ten of his division on 15 occasions during his career and he has been named a champion of sales-five times. Currently a part of the strong team of Hong Kong of approximately 7,000 advisers, Mr. Sun continues to embody the values of Manulife, which are the reliability, the integrity and the avant-garde in an industry in constant evolution.

«While technology has created a shock wave in the area of insurance, our industry will always be comprised of people with a mission to help others and to establish long-term relationships with clients and colleagues. Mr. Sun embodies this principle better than anyone, being the perfect example of professionalism that we all aspire to and the values that it represents, » said for his part, Guy Mills, chief executive officer of Manulife Hong Kong.

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