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Anti-spam law : what to prepare for 1 July



29 June, 2017 07:00

The famous Law C28 and its many details and twists and turns, you will lose your latin. After having read and re-read on the subject, you will always ask yourself how it applies to you. Okay, you may have a fine, but you’re not Amazon or Hertz ! You do not promise the price record on a trip to Greece for the next 20 minutes only…

We prepared for you a summary of what you need to keep in your practice :


You must have consent BEFORE sending an e-mail. The option «I will subscribe you automatically and you can unsubscribe if ever» is a nice try, but do not comply with the act. You must have obtained a permission implicit* explicit or* contact the person by e-mail.


You must have an unsubscribe mechanism that is easy to use and simple to find. The majority of the complaints is about the case where it is impossible to unsubscribe from the mailing list. A few people will be insulted to receive an email from you. They will be outraged by cons, if this is done 5 times that they indicate to want it to stop without success.


It is also in force on the social networks. It applies to all shipments that are commercial in nature, regardless of the electronic medium. Therefore, you can’t do a mass mailing to all your business contacts on Facebook. Unless they are fans of your page, or have clearly demonstrated an interest in your product by clicking on a publication or visiting your site for example.


We must be able to easily know who sent the e-mail, with a signature highlight. Your contact information and your address must be there. Finished the e-mails of «Martine» from the Customer Service Center, without a phone number or return address.


The grace period is over. If you have not managed to get permission to continue to contact people in your customer database or on your contact list, even if before July 2017 you send them one email per week. You need to stop. All of these email addresses will become of no value.

There is little time left to maximize your chances of keeping its contacts. There are many ways of obtaining the necessary consent. We invite you to consult professionals in the field, to see all the available options.

*Consent implicit or explicit ?

Implied consent for 6 months : Someone hands you their card in a business meeting, calls you for information, you meets, but does not sign a contract with you.

Implied consent for 24 months : You have a contract with this person, she clicked on a link to your web site, it has responded to a satisfaction survey on your services.

Explicit consent (without end) : The person has subscribed to your newsletter, or has indicated a wish to receive mailings e-mail in a form.

Founded in 2012, Hypcom mission is to help entrepreneurs stay close to their clients, by implementing systems such as e-mail campaigns, animation, social media or the management of advertising on Facebook.

We believe that by helping entrepreneurs to demonstrate their added value to their customers and thus multiply the number of recommendations obtained, they will devote less energy to finding new customers and spend more time doing what they love. For more details :

– Marie-Eve Ducharme

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