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Applied Systems opens up its platform for more integrations


Hubert Roy

23 January, 2018 07:00

Philippe Joassin and Stéphane Lacasse

Applied Systems wants its systems Epic and TAM are the most open as possible to as features, in particular.

The company multiplies the agreements with various vendors to integrate new tools. Applied comes to integrate a new telephony solution to Epic, in addition to the payments module of the company ClearPay. Solutions of electronic signature will also be added. The integration of the enterprise solution, Right Signature is achieved. The company DocuSign is to come, the result of a joint agreement.

Philippe Joassin, do not hide it. The integrations are first on Epic before being brought to TAM. However, it ensures that the development of TAM continues.

Applied Systems also has built-in Epic a module that allows brokers to centralize their potential customers. They no longer have any excuses to forget, says Mr. Joassin, and this, regardless of their origin. Their system of practice management, thus, becomes their manager of customer relations (better known under its English acronym CRM).

«This was something that was very important to us. We want the brokers to be effective in their performance. Every minute counts ! It is in this spirit that we have added this feature. At the end of the month, they can see how policies were sold from this list. They can also see if he has enough to supply all the staff. This is something that the brokers had difficulty to gauge, » says Mr. Joassin.

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