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Assistance : a subsidiary of Generali account to increase its presence in Canada


Hubert Roy

August 21, 2017 07:00

Paige Schaffer

Generali Global Assistance to offer several new protections in the canadian market over the next few years. The subsidiary of the giant Italian Generali has just launched a platform aimed at the safeguarding of identity.

The Journal of insurance, met with the president and chief of operations of the overall unit protection services and identity, and Paige Schaffer, to know the vision of the group to Canada. She emphasises that there are good opportunities for Generali Global Assistance to grow.

«Canadians are among those who have the highest rates of Internet use around the world. We look forward to several clients. It is believed that some of our products available elsewhere in the world, including the United States, would be great for the canadian market. It is believed that the launch of our platform, identity protection framework with the needs of Canadians, » she said.

And the key to the success of such a platform lies in the sleep that is a service provider of assistance to the attempts of fraud and violations of private data. «Our specialists are doing a look-constant of the Dark Web. There is also a close follow-up of the reports and the information credit of the employees of our firms clients, » she says.

Generali Global Assistance focuses on a direct approach in reaching out to their customers, who are companies. Ms. Schaffer stressed that since his company account of the insurers among its clients, it does not want to enter in competition with them. «We want to ask as a reducer of risk for our business clients. «

Ensure that on the Dark Web

How can you make a eve of the Dark Web ? The everything passes by means of complex, says Ms. Schaffer, from the employment of algorithms that are pushed to the target of hackers. «We have several specialists in the field. We can only be as good as the people we employ. We have a great concern at this level. «

The company positions itself also in segments where few competitors are present. «We are often the only player in the segments that we are targeting. This is why we are not targeting directly the consumer in the moment. That may change in the future, but we do not want to compete with our customers. The financial sectors and telecom are two sectors where we have good penetration, » says Ms. Schaffer.

The company has also begun planning its next moves in the canadian market. The launch of an insurance for smart phones is in the cards.

«We don’t want to launch a product only to launch a product. We want to ensure they are relevant. Elsewhere in the world, we also have protections for social media, who track different accounts of our client to avoid any form of harassment, but also a protection for children, which work the same way as the protection for social media. It is believed that these are products that could be competitive in the canadian market, and that slip of course. We therefore read with great interest how we can develop it all, » she said.

As to the platform launched by Generali Global Assistance for id protection, it covers four strands : prevention, monitoring, alerts and resolution of problems. In its prevention component, in addition to access to experts 24 hours on 24, Generali offers a service that automatically removes the client offers pre-approved credit cards, campaigns, direct mailing, and phone calls markétings. Its online protection also prevents phishing attempts and programs-spies.

Monitoring services help to identify fraud, while by its alerts, Generali sends notifications of any activity that is suspicious. With respect to the resolution of problems, Generali offers assistance to its customers who have lost their portfolio, have translation requirements, need to obtain advances of money in an emergency or travel arrangements.

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