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Audi launches the first car that reached the independence level 3


Serge Therrien

17 July, 2017 13:30

Photo : Audi

The manufacturing of car Audi unveiled last week the first car to be equipped with tools of artificial intelligence that allow him to reach the level 3 in the area of autonomous control.

The autonomous control is measured according to six levels. Level 3 provides functions of driving dynamics that are executed by the control system, but requiring that the driver human remains available at all times.

To ensure this, Audi will measure the conduct and behavior of the driver using sensors, cameras, functioning day and night, as well as the technology Leddar. The latter consists of a set of software and algorithms embedded in computer chips and used in devices with optical detection.

In the Audi model 8 in question, if the driver does not react, the car will stop, reports Audi.

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