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Aurrea will open a department for the folders advanced


Alain Thériault

22 May 2018 07:00

Aurrea Signature sets currently have a department dedicated to records of advanced planning, which will be called Distinction.

It will be directed by Guy Gignac, a former cabinet Group financial Moreau, acquired in 2016 by Hollis Insurance (Centre national insurance brokerage), a subsidiary ofiA financial Group.

Mr. Gignac had a volume of important business in his office Shepherd Gignac. He joined the banner Aurrea in the beginning of the year, as a general agent partner. With the president of Aurrea Christian Laroche, it was discussed to launch this department.

«Guy is an actuary by profession, comfortable with the big issues that affect more taxation. It will develop its own clients in his office. It will also assist the counselors who need to meet customer requests in a more structured way, » explains Laroche.

It remains to structure the services so that the department that result is to take fully to the skies. This will be done in the course of the summer or early autumn, provides for Mr. Laroche.

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