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Auto insurance policy : not yet simple enough


Alain Thériault

23 August, 2017 07:00

Geneviève Fortin and Stéphanie Roy | Photo : Réjean Meloche

The two founders of the firm In a Clear Service-Council have drawn much of their inspiration in the simplification of the contract of motor insurance, to be completed in 2014. The firm now wants to simplify it more.

In 2016, Geneviève Fortin and Stéphanie Roy based In the Clear. They are now counselors simplification. This is according to the two associated of the first firm of private consultation to tackle the problem of the complexity of the documents in Québec, both in the areas of legal, medical and insurance than in any other sector. Such firms are already in English Canada and at the international level, have they explained in interview to the Newspaper of insurance.

Ms. Fortin has studied law and communications and has co-founded Éducaloi. The initiative of the Barreau du Québec to inform the general public in terms of the right was incorporated under the status of non-profit organization in 2000. Ms. Fortin will eventually become interim executive director, before moving on to SOQUIJ (Société québécoise d’information juridique) in 2012, up to the time of founding In the Clear.

The route of the future cross when Ms. Fortin hiring Ms. Roy, a lawyer freshly out in 2007, after an internship at a large firm in banking and corporate. Shortly after his entry to Éducaloi as a specialist in legal education, Stephanie is responsible of the project of simplification of automobile insurance of Quebec.

«I didn’t want to do traditional practice, and I had an innate talent for communications. The chance has brought me at Éducaloi, and this was the kick-heart, » recalls Ms. Roy. I then made my classes in the simplification of contracts by joining this project. «

Initiated by thefinancial markets Authority, the proposed simplification of auto insurance policies in Quebec has been carried out by the Groupement des assureurs automobiles (GAA), in collaboration with Éducaloi. Ms. Roy is responsible for the project. The auto insurance policy in simplified language came into force on 1 march 2014.

«There should be a second phase of simplification in the contract of auto insurance,» said Ms. Roy. We discussed in the working committee. We could further simplify the contract, that still has sentences that are too long and not enough visual elements, » said the lawyer. We can bring life to the contract with more diagrams and illustrations. «

The awareness is there. «We met recently with people in the industry. There were, among others, Intact Insurance and Desjardins insurance Group general around the table. The challenge will be to make consensus, » said Ms. Roy.

This last reminds us that the regulator had put the project on because they were receiving many calls about automobile insurance. Not only consumers, but also brokers and internal staff of insurers.

Recently, regulators have had to once again put their foot on the ground, this time in travel. In may, the canadian Council of regulators of insurance (CCIR) has made public its position on the issues of travel insurance. The final recommendations set out in its statement to provide for the adoption of a standard terminology, the improvement of the application process, screening and complaint, or simplification of disclosure documents.

Geneviève Fortin is not a surprise. Simplify the document also encourages insurers to promote the autonomy of consumers and of its members towards their products.

«You must take account of their mental representations. For example, some insured individuals imagine that the trip cancellation insurance means that they can cancel their travel and be reimbursed. You need to clarify that this is not the case, » observes Ms. Fortin

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