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Automobile : a first province to approve the proof of insurance is digital



January 29, 2018 09:45

The Centre for study of insurance operations (CSIO) has seen its solution of electronic proof of auto insurance (eSlips) approved by the Office of the superintendent of insurance of Nova Scotia. It is the first regulatory body in Canada to allow it.

The CSIO called the announcement » a significant milestone for the insurance industry in view of the achievement of its goal to meet the expectations of consumers in respect of digital communications «. The organization adds that in order to approve the eSlips, the provincial bodies have to publish a newsletter.

An imminent launch

The CSIO also states that the launch of its solution eDelivery is planned for mid-February to the scale of the industry, which will allow members to send to consumers of insurance documents, including the eSlips, in the areas of insurance to individuals and businesses.

«There is among consumers a general desire to obtain eSlips. The most recent newsletter of the Nova Scotia thus meets the expectations of many brokers and insurers, » says Catherine Smola, president and ceo of CSIO. We hope to see similar ads in other provincial regulations, and we are eager to provide the full value of our solution eDelivery to consumers across Canada. «

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