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Aviva established a partnership with Sharp Mobile



July 12, 2017 09:30

Photo : efma/Sharpmobile

Aviva Canada has entered into a partnership with the company digital solutions, Sharp Mobile to provide brokers with the platform iMobilebroker. This platform consists of three ways, either with the application iMobilebroker, with a web portal and an administration portal to extended functions.

The agreement between the two companies provides that the insurer provides financial support to first 50 dealers that wish to adopt the platform iMobilebroker. This one will get a free license for a single brand and a 50% discount on the monthly charge payable to Sharp Mobile on the first 12 months of its licence.

Digital Interactions with brokers

With the platform, customers have access to the range of products of different insurers offered by their broker, in addition to be able to interact with it digitally. Brokers can optimize their use of databases.

«Consumer expectations have changed — a interaction online and in real time is now the standard for a generation of more aware of new technologies,» says Tom Reid, director-general of the digital Strategy of brokers at Aviva Canada.

Reduction in the number of calls that are not remunerative

Ken Sedgewick, director of sales at Sharp Mobile, advance that the use of the platforms of the company allows to reduce the number of calls that are not remunerative. «The use of the app and the data portal iMobilebroker allows brokers to promote their brand and offer their customers a digital approach to Twenty-first century. Brokers can thus reduce their operating costs while responding to the demand in digital services to their customers. The platform iMobilebroker will also foster customer loyalty in addition to generating new business. This platform responds ideally to the needs of policyholders in terms of digital services. «

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