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Aviva is developing an application to communicate with the broker via Google Home



26 February 2018 13:30

Aviva Canada and ProNavigator have developed an application of artificial intelligence that allows the insured with Aviva to communicate with their dealer via their hands-free speaker Google Home.

Aviva believes that the process is similar to an online chat application on a website. Consumers will be able to do the same by discussing it orally with their broker. Among the functions, it is possible to get answers to frequently asked questions. Ontarians can also get a quote on car insurance.

Make it accessible to multiple markets

«In working on the development of the application with ProNavigator, one of the fundamental aspects was to make it accessible to multiple markets in order for brokers to interact with their customers who prefer an experience of voice control,» explains Tom Reid, first direct, broker digital at Aviva Canada. We are still in the test phase, and learning, but the desire to innovate shown by the dealers is very encouraging. «

«We are witnesses of the increase of the voice recognition as a new search engine, while consumers value the speed and convenience,» adds Joseph D’souza, president and CEO of ProNavigator. In collaboration with Aviva, technology and innovation combine to improve and simplify the lives of consumers, and this is our motivation behind everything we do. «

Three brokers

Currently, three brokers have adopted the experience. When available, applications can be found under the name of the firm. Aviva has not said when the technology will be put online.

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