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belairdirect launches an advertising campaign to encourage drivers to share the road



22 June 2017 09:00

belairdirect launches a series of videos that aims to encourage drivers to exercise patience and indulgence toward each other. Inspired by the actual experiences of canadian drivers, the video series, Intersections exhibits the qualities demonstrated by Canadians in everyday life, they engage in an affair, or that they are overcoming difficulties.

Carried out by the production company DAVAÏ, each video evokes feelings in common, including the passion, the adventure, the courage, the opportunities and the diversity. The series, of which the road is common, shows that these are the paths that we take that define who we are.

«To offer canadian drivers a peace of mind»

«Our priority is to offer canadian drivers a peace of mind and protect against the hassles of the road so that they can make it to port,» explains Marie-Pierre Leclerc, director, interactive Marketing and digital platforms at belairdirect. The objective of these videos is to celebrate the diversity and resilience of canadian drivers, knowing that they each have their own story. We hope that this will encourage the public to share the road. «

A page dedicated to the campaign, Intersections has been put online on the website of belairdirect, while the campaign will be the subject of promotions on YouTube and Facebook. The first three videos in a series of five mark the launch of the series in June. The latest videos will be released this fall.





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