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Better define in the digital age


23 August, 2017 07:00

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According to Geneviève Fortin, the statistics on the attention of the reader to apply them completely to a life insurance policy. «It is utopian to believe that the insured reads her policy of end-to-end and will include it as soon as it is received. It will consult when will occur an incident, in a situation of urgency, if not crisis, » she said.

In insurance, it is necessary to stop to renew old contracts standards from one product to the other, say the associated d’In the Clear. They observe a resistance to change, as the industry is not yet in the standardization of these documents and their definitions. But there is hope, they say.

«First we need to work with insurers on their own body of documents, including those that are designed to their advisors. We look at the entire chain of documents. Not just one, » said Ms. Fortin.

She adds that insurers will review their complex content in order to not miss the transition to digital. Consumers must be self-sufficient on the website of the insurer, even with complex products like universal life insurance, » said Ms. Fortin.

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