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Big names in the insurance make planned gifts to the University of Laval


Alain Thériault

5 September 2017, 07:00

Yves Bourget

The Université Laval Foundation has accumulated donations record in re-launching the graduates more actively. Of the big names in insurance are among its benefactors.

The Foundation of the University of Laval has set a record with a campaign of seven years ending may 31, 2017, with donations of $ 530 million ($M). In comparison, the previous campaign had lasted 10 years, and ended on may 31, 2010 by a collection of$220 Million.

This record reflects the efforts of the CEO of The Foundation of Laval University, development and alumni relations, Yves Bourget. He focused on the graduates.

Planned gifts have become a cornerstone of its strategy. «The amount raised to date with the latest campaign is the result of the sum of annual donations and planned gifts made over the last seven years. Planned gifts are, however, a delay, » says M. Bourget. To bridge this gap, it adds a pane on the elite the great campaign.

Started two years ago, the pane the one Hundred Associates is inspired by the Compagnie des Cent-Associés was founded in 1627 by a hundred shareholders who wished to foster the development of New France, including Samuel de Champlain.

The objective of the Cent-Associés, is to raise 100 donors who will give a sum of one million dollars, under a planned gift to term or to the death. Each one can choose the sectors in which it wishes to assign his gift, and give more than a million dollars if he wants to.

Since this initiative, planned giving is gaining momentum. «In the 48 years that preceded this new pane, the University of Laval had an accumulated$ 15 Million in planned gifts in the form of life insurance and bequests in wills, revealed Mr. Bourget. To this day, eighteen associates have given$ 19.4 Million «, added the president of the Foundation.

Yvon Charest…

Among them, the president and CEO ofiA financial Group, Yvon Charest, wanted to fund a scholarship that will be offered to candidates for graduate studies to promising, but who do not have the means. «I’ve been donating a universal life insurance policy of one million dollars ($M), premiums payable for 10 years,» he confided in an interview in the Journal of the insurance.

«35 years ago, we were paying that 15 % of the real cost of a university education. When I look at what it cost today and what it will cost in 25 years… When you’re part of the lucky ones, it is normal to give back. So much the better if this helps to encourage a brilliant person who would not otherwise have the means to fully exploit its potential. «

In addition, his company has given$ 1.5 Million in the framework of the campaign, revealed Mr. Charest. This gift will be divided in three places, he added. A portion will go to the Chair of Industrial research Alliance on the economic issues of demographic change. Another will go to the Chair of insurance and financial services Industrial Alliance. The third part will be used to fund scholarships leadership.

«These scholarships will help the teachers to specialize in sustainable development, which includes social responsibility, the promotion of volunteerism and the political donations, the concern for the environment, by giving priority, for example, buildings that meet LEED standards,» said Mr. Charest, who also announced that his company will match donations made by its employees.

… Charles Brindamour

Chief executive officer ofIntact financial Corporation, Charles Brindamour is one of the five co-chairs of the campaign. The CEO of Intact has consented to the pane of one Hundred Associates a donation in the short term » at least a million dollars «, that he wishes to essentially lead to excellence in insurance, he revealed in an interview in the Journal of the insurance.

Mr. Brindamour said to be among the graduates of the best school for actuarial science in North America. He wants to see her shine in insurance and risk management.

«In the next few years, my donation will be directed towards excellence in insurance for the University to perpetuate its tradition of excellence and leadership, across the country and around the world. It was natural for me to aim at perpetuity, and excellence through, among others, of the School of actuarial science and the department of administration. «

Intact has made a gift of$ 2 Million as part of the Great Campaign, which will support primarily projects of the Centre for research in massive data of the Université Laval, which is dedicated among other things to the metadata and artificial intelligence. «We will combine our own research efforts to those of the Université Laval to enhance our joint projects in research and development, at a time when the artificial intelligence and use of big data redefine the risk analysis and the customer experience,» emphasized Charles Brindamour.

This donation is part of several important investments that Intact has made in the area of artificial intelligence in recent years. Its ceo is said to have made donations that are comparable to theUniversity of Toronto and theInstitute of valuation data of the University of Montreal, headed by the renowned researcher in artificial intelligence Yoshua Bengio.

«The campaign of$ 530 Million that we have conducted with Mr. Bourget is exceptional. Yves has developed the concept of the Cent-Associés, in the context of this great campaign and it has broadened the horizon of the gifts in creating a philanthropic model in the very long term, which is important in the support of institutions of higher education, » said Mr. Brindamour.

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