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Bill 141 : almost 5, 500 signatures for the petition, which is extended


Alain Thériault


Hubert Roy

March 15, 2018 11:30

Flavio Vani

For strategic reasons, theAssociation of professional advisers in financial services (APCSF) has postponed from march 13 to April 23 the deadline for signing his petition against the draft law 141.

«Since several things have happened in connection with the draft law 141 since the filing of our petition, we have decided to give us more time «, has told in interview to the Newspaper of the insurance the president of the APCSF, Flavio Vani.

Objective of 8 000 signatures

At the time of the publication of the present text, the petition had amassed 5 484 signatures. The petition asked, among other the government to split the bill in order to maintain the existence of the rooms, and preserve the quality of the advice to the public.

The APCSF refers to the threshold of 8 000 signatures. It says it wants to give itself the means to achieve it. «The pace of signatures has slowed down. The vast majority of our signatories are representatives and they are too busy during the period of the RRSP, » said Mr. Vani.

Work resumes

In addition, the second reading of bill 141 was resumed on Tuesday. A first meeting of the Committee on public finance has been dedicated. Another work session was held Wednesday.

The work had been stopped for two weeks. Three sessions were held between 20 and 22 February. The sale of insurance via the Internet had occupied a large place in debates among parliamentarians.

Caution a advisor

Claude Ferron, representative in insurance of persons, responded to the comments made by Lyne Duhaime, president ofCLHIA Quebec, released last week by the Journal of insurance. Ms. Duhaime noted that the insurers had any interest to pay attention to their reputation. «In life insurance, if the client is not satisfied, he or she does not pay the premium of his insurance policy the following month. His insurance will then be terminated «, she mentioned.

To Mr. Ferron, the customer who cancels his insurance policy is subject to consequences potentially adverse. «If he does, he will no longer have insurance to cover the needs for which it had subscribed. For the estate, this could have very serious consequences. As we think of the clause incontestability and suicide, to his insurability, or the new costs for a new life insurance or salary… If he has taken a permanent life insurance or a universal life, the financial losses that it may suffer, in addition to the rest, would be unacceptable. If I had said the same thing to customers who were not happy with their insurer, I would have deserved that the Chamber of the financial security I removed my driver’s representative. «

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