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Bill 141 : the insurance of funeral costs slammed


Andrea Lubeck

2 February 2018 13:30

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The Coalition des associations de consommateurs du Québec and the Alfred Dallaire MEMORIA strongly oppose the rehabilitation of the insurance of funeral expenses is contained in the bill, 141, illegal since 1974 in Quebec.

According to the funeral company, a consumer could pay between 38 % and 80 % more for the same services through a insurance of funeral expenses, «according to that he spread the payment of premiums over five or ten years and this, without getting the same protections offered by pre-arrangement trust,» reveals a case study.

To the disadvantage of consumers

«After all our efforts since 2009 to prove that the insurance of funeral expenses is disadvantageous both for consumers and funeral companies here, we do not understand why this product is again the order of the day» highlights Jocelyne Dallaire-Légaré, president of the Alfred Dallaire MEMORIA.

«Quebec consumers who want to plan their funeral arrangements can be simple, safe and transparent through the use of prearranged payment can take up to 5 years. Why introduce the insurers in this equation so that there is no benefit to the consumer ? «adds she.

Recommendations of the Coalition

In its submission on the draft act 141, the Coalition des associations de consommateurs du Québec has issued several recommendations to the government. She asks him to first and foremost renounce the marketing of the insurance of funeral expenses in removing the articles 599 and 603 of the bill.

If he maintains the measure, the Coalition recommends establishing rigorous controls in relation to the distribution and disclosure to consumers that the benefit may be paid upon the conclusion of the contract and the insurer assumes sole and full risk in the event of a situation where it has under-estimated the value of the service required.

Similarly, the Coalition urges the government to allow consumers to terminate this insurance at any time and retrieve a value equivalent to 90 % of the premiums paid, that it indexes the death benefit of Retired Quebec and that it examine the possibility of repealing the exception regime, which was of benefit to the cemeteries religious.

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