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Bill 141 : the TRAY application an adoption before the elections of 2018


Denis Méthot

8 February 2018 07:00

Johanne Lamanque and Carlos J. Leitão | Photos : Denis Méthot

When the hearings of the Committee on public finance regarding bill 141 will be completed, it can be adopted. They hope that this adoption happens quickly.

This is particularly the case with the insurance Bureau of Canada, which was expressly meant during his hearing. «It is necessary to act quickly in order to avoid that the bill died on the order paper and that all is lost for the work done by your teams and all the stakeholders who participated,» said Johanne Lamanque, vice-president, Quebec, of the insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) to the minister, Carlos J. Leitão , and elected officials.

The draft law 141 amended some sixty laws, changes the title of the Act respecting the Autorité des marchés financiers by the Act on the supervision of the financial sector, to repeal the Act respecting the Mouvement Desjardins (2000, chapter 77), and rings the death knell of the insurance Act.

«We believe that the ministry is modernizing adequately the environment of the insurance industry, while continuing to protect consumers,» added Ms. Lamanque. In addition, it generally meets the needs expressed over the years by insurance companies, members of the BAC, allowing them to adapt their operations to changing consumer needs. The legislative framework proposed making Quebec a leader in Canada «.

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