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Bill 150 : no impact to suppliers


Hubert Roy

23 January, 2018 07:00

Providers of management systems of staff do not believe that bill 150 will have an impact on them.

David Larkin, CEO of Software association supplier advisory council, sees it, however, but it will be positive, » he said. He believes that this project will require smaller brokers that do not yet have a management system to have it.

The main measure of the bill 150, if it is adopted in its current form, is to compel brokers to offer four insurance quotes to their customers, from different insurers. Some of the dealers that only dealt with one insurer could process volume from the internal system of the insurer, have indicated a variety of sources to the Journal of insurance, who asked to remain anonymous. With bill 150, it might be difficult for those who want to remain broker to do so, say these same sources.

Philippe Joassin, ofApplied Systems, said his system has always been built according to independent brokers, who deal with several insurers. His colleague Stéphane Lacasse added that the system already supports the pricing in this sense.

Laurent Nadeau, Technology Keal, sees an outstanding opportunity for the broker. The opportunity will be offered to promote his consulting role, he says.

«The direct agent is also able to provide this advisory role, without the choice that comes with it. With the establishment of the framework for the sale of insurance via the Internet, the agent will lose this aspect of the board. It is necessary to give the broker the tool that will allow the consumer to go on his website and offer him a choice. «

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