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Bill 150 : the CLHIA happy to see disappear the articles about the redemption of fonts


Alain Thériault

22 May 2018 13:30

Lyne Duhaime | Photo : Denis Méthot

Reacting to the withdrawal of all articles related to insurance in the bill 150, theinsurance companies Association of persons (CLHIA) is pleased to see disappear the articles on the purchase of fonts.

In an interview to the Journal of insurance, the chair of CLHIA Quebec, Lyne Duhaime, has reported the discussions of the last week. «We have found that the parties agreed that the draft law will be adopted quickly,» she said.

Ms. Duhaime added that the detailed study of bill 150 was made in two days to the national Assembly. «It ended on Wednesday, may 16. We believe that the adoption of the draft act is imminent «, she says.

From 300 to 50 articles

The weight loss program moving the project from 300 to 50 items. At the same time, the bill becomes null and void on all matters of insurance.

So, it is a closed file to the CPOMA. «This is a budget bill, to which we added elements of insurance that were not included in bill 141, recalled Ms. Duhaime. For the insurance industry, the impact is limited to the removal of the provisions on the redemption of fonts and the insurance claim. «

In a separate draft law?

Ms. Duhaime regrets, however, that the matter has not been settled once and for all. «We didn’t want these articles to be adopted as they stand, because we were not satisfied with their guidance, she recalled. We are happy that they are removed. «

It considers, however, unfortunate that the question could not be dealt with before the end of the parliamentary session. «It remains now for the government to see in a bill separate. From our side, we will resume the dialogue with the government. «

In parallel, the debate around the bill 141 will follow their course, » said Ms. Duhaime. It says it is confident that it will be adopted before the end of the parliamentary session, June 15, adding that all aim at this target.

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