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BMO launches two new dedicated funds for investment abroad



17 August, 2017 09:45

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BMO Investments inc. has launched two new funds designed to help canadian investors to diversify the sector allocation of their portfolios and offset their focus on the canadian market by adding international content.

The first fund, BMO international Fund shares, provides exposure to the international markets of the shares, which are expected to continue to rebound due to accommodative monetary policies and a reduction in political risk. The second, BMO japanese Funds, provides access to the japanese markets of the shares, which is expected to benefit from economic growth more than stimulate exports.

«Many canadian investors invest a large share of their portfolio in the canadian market, as Canada represents only four per cent of the equity markets on a global scale, said Kevin Gopaul, chief — BMO global asset Management Canada. The BMO international Fund shares and the BMO Funds japanese to compose better portfolios by adding exposure to international markets offering yield factors are different from those of the canadian markets. «

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