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Canadians don’t drive as well as they think they do



14 August, 2017 09:45

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Even if most Canadians say they are good drivers, their driving habits tend to indicate the opposite, reveals a recent survey from the firm Leger made for the account of belairdirect. Thus, the vast majority of Canadians (95 %) believe themselves to be good drivers, and this, even though 93 % of them have admitted to having adopted at least once a reckless behavior while driving.

Among these risky behaviours or distracting, include actions such as eating and drinking, using a cell phone, putting on makeup, and even engage in situations that are romantic or intimate.

«Everyone contributes»

«belairdirect is committed to encouraging all Canadians to adopt good driving habits, and understands that the drivers do not realize may not be that certain behaviors put them at risk,» says Richard Taschereau, the first associate vice-president, marketing, communications and business development at belairdirect. We have all already happened to be in a hurry so as not to miss a special event, but with millions of people on the road, it is important that everyone contributes to preserving road safety. «

The good news is that Canadians are willing to switch if the incentive is worth it. Thus, the majority of drivers (79 %) would be willing to stop at least a reckless behavior if offered a monetary incentive, in particular, the habits related to the use of their cell phone, such as sending a text message, look at their phone, or make a call or talk on the phone.

Monetary incentive

Among the activities that drivers are more reluctant to abandon it, include changing the radio station or adjust the volume, turn toward a passenger to talk to her and drink a beverage while driving. According to the study, almost one driver in ten (9 %) admits that he does not intend to change its habits without monetary incentive.

The Canadians are known for their friendliness and their politeness, it is not surprising that 54 % of them like to sing while driving, as 96% say they would not steal the parking spot of another driver and that 91 % would accelerate not to prevent someone to overtake them.

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