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Couture Rochette will be part of Deslauriers + Associates


Hubert Roy

July 10, 2017 09:00

Yan Charbonneau

Major Transaction in the broker channel independent insurance : Deslauriers + Partners has completed the acquisition of the firm Couture Rochette last Thursday. The two organizations will continue to operate separately.

With this transaction, the volume of firms owned by Yan Charbonneau is 69 million dollars. How this acquisition is presented ? Consultants Denis Moisan , and Robert Bournival have acted as a facilitator for Mr. Charbonneau, he reported in the Journal of the insurance. «I was able to present my approach and it clicked. «

The broker Quebec inc

Deslauriers + Associates, was looking to get a foot in the market of large SMES and large business risks. It is now done. The average premium in Couture Rochette is $ 100,000. Many describe the firm as «the broker» Quebec inc «.

Why shareholders have they sold ? «Raynald Couture and Carl Rochette want to plan their exit. It is known that it is necessary to plan it five years in advance. This is particularly true in their case, given the clientele they serve. They remain here five years in their functions, » revealed Mr. Charbonneau. Everything is stipulated in the purchase contract, a-t-he specified.

It is also for this reason that Couture Rochette will keep its name for a good stretch of time. «We’re going to adjust synergies in functions of the strengths of each firm. Their vocations will remain different, as are their processes. «

This acquisition also allows Mr. Charbonneau to position for another of his goals : to become a major player in the independent brokerage in Québec. «We want to play in the big leagues, while remaining independent. «

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