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Decline in sales outside Quebec : increased presence is needed


Alain Thériault

23 January, 2018 07:00

Julie Michaud | Photo : Studio K (Élodie Kergal)

First vice-president, individual life insurance and investment, Julie Michaud wants to emphasize the presence of its trademark outside of Quebec, and UL Mutual, which has seen better days in the past.

«We had a lot of success in English Canada in the past. We had perhaps not sufficiently marked our presence in English Canada in recent years. We may have been less innovative products. One of our goals in 2018 is to increase our presence outside Quebec. There is a beautiful potential in this market. However, our sales in this region have been related in proportion to our presence «, she observed.

Its recent moves have made apparent the need for a more assiduous. «Their message is clear. The advisors outside of Quebec love our products. They want to see us and hear from us. I believe that our strategy will result in growth outside of Quebec. We have distribution partners. It is necessary to go to the meet more «, recognizes it.

If the presence, outside Quebec, does not result in the opening of offices in the immediate future, its CEO Christian Mercier does not exclude the opening of a pied-à-terre outside Quebec in the future, if the growth is at the rendezvous. For the moment, the dynamics of the Web and regular visits are sufficient, according to him, to feel the presence of this provider.

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