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Desjardins is going to repatriate 150 jobs from Toronto to Quebec


Andrea Lubeck

June 15, 2017 09:45

Photo : Jean-Philippe Bourgoin

From next autumn and until the summer of 2018, Desjardins Insurance will repatriate about 150 jobs from Toronto to the province of Quebec. What are the teams in charge of the compensation, claims, administration, contact centre, information technology and the development of new business will move gradually. The city correct has not yet been determined definitively.

Jacques Bouchard, senior advisor, communications, Desjardins, explains that this decision has been taken to optimise the effectiveness of these teams. «We have made an evaluation of the activities so as to be able to refocus the teams to the same place to get the job done more efficiently. There were duplicates in some cases. It is especially these posts that will be affected. «

In a communication sent to the general agents dealing with Desjardins, and of which the of the insurance Journal has obtained a copy, the insurer added that to keep these operations to several places is costly and adds to the complexity of [their] operations «. Moreover, it is also mentioned that a few posts will be maintained at the offices of Toronto, including those of underwriting, new business and compensation.

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