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Detailed bill of pharmacy : future effects


Denis Méthot

January 12, 2018 07:00

Lyne Duhaime | Photo : Denis Méthot

What impact has had on the cost of the entry into force on 15 September of the detailed bill in a pharmacy ? The measure has not yet deployed all its effect, says Lyne Duhaime, president of CLHIA Quebec.

Responding to a question by the member for Trois-Rivières, Jean-Denis Girouard, Ms. Duhaime said that the insurers want to be able to using these data to help consumers find the best price. For the moment, the customers are somewhat captive to their pharmacy, despite the entry into force of this measure because they do not know what it would cost in another pharmacy, » she said.

«We expected to receive this detailed information and be able to develop tools of comparison, said the president of the CLHIA Quebec. However, there is a dispute between the Régie de l’assurance-maladie du Québec (RAMQ) and theAssociation québécoise des pharmaciens propriétaires du Québec (AQPP) on this issue. The Association disputes the position of the RAMQ that this information should also be given to the insurers. «

For Jean-François Chalifoux, president and CEO of SSQ financial Group, the detailed bill represents a first step in the right direction, but this in itself is not a measure that can generate substantial savings. «Insurers will work to raise awareness among the participants of the group insurance plans and the participants will have to adapt their behaviour. There is now more transparency. That is what the citizens are going to do this transparency ? This is what will determine the level of savings, » he says.

Another important component of the price of a drug, the dispensing fees are not the responsibility of the government. They are the subject of an agreement between the private insurers and the pharmacist-owners. This agreement is being renewed. A first session of talks was held this autumn, but Lyne Duhaime had not wished to move forward on the outcome of the discussions to come. The AQPP said a few weeks ago that she expected difficult negotiations with the private insurers.

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