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Diversico acquires Financial Radisson and three other clients


Alain Thériault

January 11, 2018 13:30

Daniel Guillemette | Photo : Réjean Meloche

Diversico, Experts-Conseils has completed four acquisitions on January 1, 2018, the firm’s Financial Radisson, the former chairman of the board of the Chambre de la sécurité financière, Dany Bergeron. Among other acquisitions included an equity participation of 50 % in the firm Management Company Blais Bousquet, Jacques Blais, and in the clienteles of the two agents gold Key of Great-West, Robert H. Blackburn and Martin Lajeunesse.

These are four of the six acquisitions for which the CEO of Diversico, Daniel Guillemette, has signed an agreement in principle before the Holidays, he revealed in an interview with the Journal of insurance. The name of the other two will be known shortly. In respect of the acquisition of Financial Radisson, councillor Rémi Vermette becomes a co-owner in equal shares with Diversico, and chairman of the cabinet of Mr. Bergeron, who will forward to its customers in the following year.

Abandonment of the paper for all the new comers

The CEO of Diversico has announced that it will integrate all the newcomers into its » ecosystem collaborative «, which involves a digital shift to its subsidiary ScanSquad for the abandonment of the paper and the expert system iGeny Pro, for the management of operations and compliance.

The virtual teams in support of Diversico take the full charge of the operations, including accounting, administration, customer service, management, new business and human resources, technological support, cybersecurity, and compliance records.

Multiple Ramifications

The participation of Diversico to 50 % of the Management Company Blais Bousquet leads to a simultaneous association in the other two firms of Jacques Blais : The Financial Network Greater Montréal and co-founding synergis Insurance Advice. Mr. Blais will remain active as a financial security advisor in the new cabinet appointed Financial Network Greater Montréal, which is a result of the merger of Management Company Blais Bousquet The Financial Network in Greater Montreal. Mr. Blais will be the vice-presidency.

Diversico has also created two entities which were used to acquire the clients of MESSRS. Blackburn (Financial Services Normandy) and Lajeunesse (AG financial Management). Mr. Guillemette has revealed that the clientele of Mr. Lajeunesse is the largest that it has gained to date. It has 8 300 clients, in more than 15 000 new customers that total of the last six acquisitions of 2017. «It will produce for Diversico the biggest income to date from a customer,» said the CEO of the firm buyer.

Local presence in Victoriaville

Persons already in the service of Mr. Lajeunesse will remain in the bosom of Diversico. Claudia Poirier will be a financial security advisor and will work within the new firm as an executive manager. Claude Bergeron will act jointly as a financial security advisor and mutual fund representative with Mr. Lajeunesse. Isabelle Dubord will join the teams of assistants virtual of Diversico. «This transaction gives us a local presence in Victoriaville,» said Mr. Guillemette.

Acquisitions to sign it in 2018

Other acquisition projects are on the drawing board in 2018. Mr. Guillemette has revealed that Diversico prepare four other transactions, which are expected to lead on all acquisitions, three of which planned in the first quarter, and for which he already has in his pocket a verbal agreement.

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