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Diversico acquires the firm, Alain Guay in Montérégie


Alain Thériault

22 August, 2017 14:00

Diversico, Experts-Conseils has acquired the firm, Alain Guay Financial Services (AGSF), in partnership with Louis Gagnon, who becomes the succession of the firm acquired. It is the most important acquisition of Diversico-to-date financial plan, and the 41st since 1996. It will grow the revenues of Diversico 6 %, revealed its president, Daniel Guillemette, in an interview with the Journal of insurance.

The firm has been bought out of the hands ofAlain Guay for an amount that was not revealed to Mr. Guillemette. It is the first acquisition made by Diversico according to its new acquisitions programme. Rather than directly integrate with the firm, he entered into partnership with him, and the acquired entity becomes a subsidiary, has explained the president of Diversico. Louis Gagnon will become the owner of half-and-half with Diversico, and will affect profits when the buyer will have recovered its capital investment. In the meantime, it enjoys a share of the commissions in a proportion that favors relative to Diversico in respect of the new sales to AGSF, has revealed Daniel Guillemette. Alain Guay, who will also continue to make new sales, may benefit from such sharing.

Transaction emotional

«This acquisition allows us to increase our revenue by 6% and it is part of a ten-year strategy by which we will complete several other acquisitions with partners,» revealed Mr. Guillemette. Mr. Guillemette added that he himself presented to Mr. Gagnon, met recently, with Alain Guay. In his corporate mission, he wants to acts as an intermediate in the succession of office of the independent network.

Outgoing president of AGSF, Mr. Guay has for its part insisted on the emotional charge that stems from this decision. «My clientele is extremely valuable. There are friends, family, people from my community… So many people who had confidence in me and who have allowed me to live an exceptional career that I intend to continue with my new partners. It was important to me to choose the next generation of high-quality to continue to ensure the service and give the advice on which my clients have been accustomed to. From my very first meeting with Louis Gagnon, I knew that we would succeed to achieve this goal. «

Deal with the regulatory

Louis Gagnon becomes, for its part, vice-president of AGSF. Certified in marketing from the HEC, he said he is ready to take on the challenge of replicating the success achieved by Diversico until now. He added that the tools of Diversico, which the Expert System iGeny Pro, the company’s mobile scanning ScanSquad, his network of assistants and virtual team technology support were key factors in his decision. «This is exactly what I needed to do in the face of regulatory changes that have rained down from everywhere, and paralyze advisors, conscientious «, he said.

Vice-president of business development at Diversico, Tristan Laliberté recalled the desire of his firm to become partner of advisors eager to slow down the pace, or to withdraw. «Our program also allows the advisors in the phase of development to seize opportunities for acquisitions of customers without to the extent that they are distracted by the search for funding, by technological integration, or by the human resources management at the administrative level. They only focus on what they love the most, is the service-council, » said Mr Laliberté.

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