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Economical application the maintenance of the rule of 20 %


Hubert Roy

June 28, 2017 09:45

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The list of insurers who ask for the continuation of the rule of 20% is growing. Insurance the Company has added its name.

The insurer has informed the Newspaper of the assurance that it had passed on the 20 June a letter to the deputy minister of Finance of Québec Richard Boivin to make this request.

«The maintenance of the 20% rule is an important tool to ensure the objectivity of the brokers and the elimination of a potential conflict of interest. The broker must put the interests of the client at all times above the interests of the broker, dealer or other financial institution. There is nothing that indicates that the rule that currently exists is detrimental to the clients. Therefore, there is no need to change «, indicates the insurer in its letter.

In addition to Economical, Aviva Canada, The only general insurance, Promutuel insurance, RSA Canada, and Optimum insurance Company are among the insurers who requested the maintenance of the rule of 20 %. Intact Insurance also urged its abolition.

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