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Economical finance a running club and reading for an elementary school



13 July, 2017 15:45

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Economical insurance has funded the after-school program running and reading Running & Reading of the body Start2Finish for the students of the school St-Louis of Mississauga in Ontario. Starting in the fall, 60 students will be able to benefit from the program that links physical activity and literacy.

The insurer points out that after 32 weeks, the skill of reading 67 % of the participants improved one or two grades of school. In addition, the cardiovascular health of the children improves by 22 % and their body strength of 62 %. At the end of the program, which runs from October to June, students will make a five-km race.

«Encourage a love of reading and the physical condition»

«The club Running & Reading of Start2Finish encourages the love of reading, physical fitness, and positive relationships, all of which are tools for success. It is an investment in our students and, ultimately, in their future, » says Laura DiGimbattista, Director of the primary school of St-Louis.

«The goal is to give underprivileged children the opportunity to succeed in school and eventually get out of the cycle of poverty,» says Brian Warren, executive director and founder of Start2Finish. We support their health of mind, physical and social, in order that they are equipped for success and to become models of success and inspiration for their peers. «The funding provided by the Company has enabled the organization to provide the newspapers, school supplies, books, jerseys, running shoes for all children, snacks, and fitness equipment.

Program of two hours, one afternoon per week

Each week, two hours are devoted to the program, during which 45 minutes are allocated to physical activity, 45 minutes to read, between the cut of a snack. Young people are tracking their progress in physical activity and reading in a journal.

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