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Equisoft improves its offers in financial planning



January 11, 2018 09:45

The software company Equisoft has completed the acquisition of enterprise Software Apeiron and Planiste in order to improve its offers in financial planning. The first, located in Toronto, offers the platform RetraiteWeb, designed for advisors and investors.

The second, of Montreal, turns out to be a strategic analysis tool to assess the overall financial health of a client, design a strategy for retirement planning or insurance the suitability of investment products specific. The portal will enhance the platform of Equisoft ÉlémentsPatrimoine shared certain features.

In line with the business strategy

«All two fit perfectly with our business strategy, which aims to enhance our ranges of tools, B2C and financial planning,» says Luis Romero, president of Equisoft. Our customers are increasingly interested in these tools to facilitate the work of the advisors with their clients, and we intend to permanently integrate some of the features and functionality to our solutions first-line, ÉlémentsPatrimoine and ÉlémentsAssurance. «

«This acquisition will also benefit the customer’s current Planiste ensuring business continuity and the commitment of a well-established firm to continue to support the loyal users of the software Planiste,» stresses Jonathan Georges, vice-president, wealth management Solutions at Equisoft.

The tools evolve

«This is a new chapter that opens for Apeiron, underlined in his turn, Marc Des Rosiers, president of Apeiron, and is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries and thecanadian Institute of actuaries. We intend to take advantage of the technological expertise of Equisoft and its knowledge of the industry to evolve our tools, to better serve our customers and put the cap on growth. «

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