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Few advisors adopt the proposed electronic with Manulife, and RBC


Andrea Lubeck

August 10, 2017 07:00

Guy Couture and Nabil Tarcha

The electronic application is not particularly popular with advisors of Manulife, according to said Guy Couture, regional vice-president, sales, individual insurance, during a speech pronounced on the occasion of the 20th Congress of the PEAK financial Group at the beginning of June.

«The rate of adoption of the proposal e is still too low from our financial advisors. We are working to try to understand the fact that they do not seek to adopt this form of transaction, whereas we know that it allows you to avoid problems, » he lamented.

Mr smith argues that the electronic application acts as a kind of personal protection. It reduces the errors for questions not answered or errors in the formulation of responses. It also reduces greatly the processing time.

«What makes that the process takes so much time, what are the proposals paper which are not in conformity, where there is a lack of responses or details that are essential. The electronic application addresses all these problems. The advisors do not realize this. «

The insurer will even assist advisors in their first essay of the proposal. He followed up with them by calling them to ensure that they exceed the step of the first use.

«We must take them by the hand. The first time, it is done with them. Visited the second time, some continue, while others say that they are not skilled enough, and return to the proposal paper. It is for that reason that we must ensure a follow-up, » says Mr. Couture.

The latter has been entrusted by the Log of the assurance that it is concerned that advisers that merely use the paper cannot adapt to an environment that is becoming increasingly technological. «There will come a day where the cabinets will be without paper. It is therefore necessary that all advisers adopt and integrate in their practice the electronic application «, he explained.

Mr. Couture added that a part of the solution to dispel the fear of the advisors in the face of the robots-advisers is to adopt the technological tools that are offered, such as the electronic application. «It is necessary that the advisors manage to show their customers that they can do it as fast as what the artificial intelligence would do in return. «

Launched on march 27, 2017, the electronic application allows advisors to submit proposals for universal life insurance, whole life, as well as the products temporary family and online businesses. It replaces the proposal in a flash.

At RBC Insurance, we made the same observation, although the electronic application is offered for a short time. Nabil Tarcha, regional vice president, brokerage, eastern Canada, stated that a pilot project has been conducted for over a year. For the moment, few counselors use the tool. The insurer has also introduced measures to promote it.

«We call on the brokers. We talk of the electronic application, since it is recent for us, » he said.

At RBC, the electronic application is available for a single product temporary. It will be launched later for the products of serious diseases, and for the series Fundamental. «Before, we want to ensure that brokers adopt it «, he added.

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