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Flavio Vani must file a petition to the national Assembly against the bill 141


Alain Thériault

6 February 2018 13:30

Flavio Vani

In a petition submitted to the national Assembly as a citizen, on February 2, Flavio Vani request the Quebec government to split the bill n° 141 so as to maintain the existence of the Rooms and to continue the consultations.

Citizens have until march 13 to sign this petition titled » Opposition to amendments to an Act respecting the distribution of financial products and services by the project of law n° 141 (PL 141), and supported by the leader of parliamentary Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) opposition, François Bonnardel.

Preserve the quality of the advice

«We ask you to preserve the quality of the advice to the public and the profession of advisor financial services,» wrote Mr. Vani, spokesperson and president of theAssociation of professional advisers in financial services (APCSF), in the text of the petition published on the website of the national Assembly.

«We want a clear law, which gives the same rights and the same responsibilities to all those who participate in the distribution of financial products and services in Québec «, he added in an interview with the Journal of insurance.

Campaign preparation

Spokesperson and president of theAssociation of professional advisers in financial services (APCSF), Mr Vani said to want to give a great blow, so that the cut-off date of march 13, corresponds to the parliament is back in session following the school break. «We will soon start a campaign that will take place by march 13,» said Mr. Vani.

This campaign will be punctuated mass mailings to all members of the APCSF, revealed its president. He said that he has already shared the link to the petition on the social networks.

Risks of financial scam

The possibility to distribute insurance via the Internet without a representative throne at the top of the points of the PL 141 which opposes Flavio Vani. «Considering that the draft law n° 141 will allow the distribution of financial products and services by entities and means not guaranteeing the quality of advice and the same legal remedies «, can be read on the website of the National Assembly.

The petition also opposed to this that: «the amendments made by the draft law n° 141 of the Act respecting the distribution of financial products and services, reduce the qualifications of representatives and increase the risk of financial scam on the part of non-registered in the register of thefinancial markets Authority (AMF) «.

Throughout the text, Mr. Vani is also concerned that several distribution networks of advisors are self-sustaining have not been heard during the consultations on PL 141.

A setback for consumers

He added that the public cannot make a complaint to the trustee of the Rooms of the financial security and insurance, and that this represents a setback for consumers. The public should, according to the petition, pay the costs of mediation to the Authority in the event of a dispute with an insurer.

«To which consumers may complain-they if there are no more Rooms,» said Mr. Vani, in an interview. It is in the public interest to oppose a Bill that would require consumers to pay out of their pockets to complain about an insurance product is inadequate purchased on the Internet, maybe two or three years after the sale, well beyond the period of ten days to cancel. «

Emilia Toussaint, press attaché, of the mna François Bonnardel, has confirmed to the Newspaper with the assurance that this last is sponsoring the petition. This does not mean, however, that he agreed with its wording. One of the mandates of the mps is sponsor of petitions submitted by a citizen, if he considers that it should be conveyed.

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