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Floods : some victims will not be able to rebuild their residence


Andrea Lubeck

4 July, 2017 13:30

Photo : City of Gatineau

Some victims of the flooding that occurred last spring will not be able to rebuild their residence, announced Quebec by way of a press release, urging a consistent application of its Policy for the protection of lakeshores, riverbanks, littoral zones and floodplains (PPRLPI) in all the affected municipalities.

This policy aims, among other things, to determine a mapping under the planning Act, delineating the flood-prone areas. These cards are useful in the establishment of zones of special intervention with a duration of 18 months, which put in place the planning rules that apply in the prescribed areas, or floodplain areas with large current (0 to 20 years).

65 municipalities did not apply the PPRLPI

At the present time, of the 278 municipalities affected by the floods, 211 have an existing map, 65 do not have and 2 are already framed by zones of special intervention put in place following the flooding of the Richelieu river in 2011. The government intends to use its authority under the planning Act to impose the production of a map of flood-prone areas, these 65 municipalities, and its integration with the regulation.

The victims located within these flood-prone areas to mainstream are those that do not may have the potential to not obtain permit of the reconstruction of the part of their municipality. To be eligible for the permit, the owners will have to evaluate their residence, either by the department of public Safety or by a disaster expert recognized by the Chamber of damage insurance. The residences which have not been declared total losses can be renovated. However, if the building is destroyed, that it is become dangerous, that the costs of the repairs account for more than half of its land value to the role in effect at the time of the accident, or that it became unusable with regard to health or safety, the permit will not be issued. This does not apply to victims who are in the flood areas with low current (20-100 years).

Between 500 and 800 homes will be destroyed

The department of public Safety estimates that between 500 and 800 homes are to be demolished, without regard to zones. «Since some municipalities do not have a mapping, it is difficult to know exactly the number of these residences are in areas in 0 to 20 years,» says Alexandra Paré, a spokesperson for the ministry.

However, the municipalities can apply for a derogation from the minister of municipal Affairs and land Occupancy , exceptionally, for the reconstruction of main homes destroyed in areas 0 to 20 years. To be accepted, the case shall be submitted by resolution of the city council, evaluated by a team of independent experts and the value of the damage to the homes in question will have to be between 50 % and 65 % of their land value. The committee of experts should also take into consideration several criteria, including the impact of the waiver on the objectives of the PPRLPI.

Public Consultations

The government will conduct public consultations to obtain citizens ‘ comments on the decree on the uniform application of the PPRLPI, prior to the implementation of the areas of special intervention in all regions affected by the floods. In addition, a forum focused on solutions for the future in terms of flood management will also be held this fall.

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