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Floods : the IBC is satisfied as to the exceptional character of the relaxation of the order of Quebec


Andrea Lubeck

July 21, 2017 10:45

The insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) said it was satisfied with the «exceptional nature» of the changes made by the Québec government in its decree on the reconstruction in a flood zone 0-20 years, who aims to consistently apply the Policy on the protection of lakeshores, riverbanks, littoral zones and floodplains (PPRLPI).

«We understand that there may be some circumstances where exceptions may be considered. We are pleased that the government is going in the right direction by limiting construction in flood-prone area, » says Pierre Babinsky, director of communications and public affairs at IBC.

A decree relaxed

Among the changes made to the decree, including the use of the cost of rebuilding a building, rather than its value in the role property to determine the concept of reconstruction, even as the possibility for the municipalities to obtain waivers of collective, subject to exceptional requirements, for the reconstruction of several primary residences in order to limit the depopulation of some residential areas.

In addition, the costs related to the work of immunization of a residence are eligible for the maximum compensation of $ 200,000, and the value of the land on which is located the residence of one host assigned to the municipality be included in the assistance granted in excess of the sum of $ 200,000, up to a maximum of $250,000.

A good opportunity to discuss

Before the entry into force of the decree, the government held public consultations in the 15 administrative regions concerned on July 10. During these events, 2 130 people showed up and over 300 have expressed.

For his part, Mr. Babinsky noted that the floods have caused a global debate on climate change and its effects. «The unhappy events have opened the door to discussions of society that we must have for a long time. We must not let this opportunity pass-there to discuss all the dimensions surrounding the effects of more extreme climate change «, he concluded.

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