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Fund performance canadian equity made on the spot



5 September 2017, 09:45

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Last month, 35 of the 44 index funds in Canada have made progress, but only five indices have more than 2 %. In addition, eight of the nine indices of funds which have recorded negative results, a decline of 1 % or less. These are summarized the data recently published by Morningstar Research, the canadian subsidiary of the company-independent investment research Morningstar.

The index fund’s best month was the one who track the class a Shares of precious metals, with a rise of 7.7 %. This follows four consecutive months of performance to be negative for this index fund, which has lost 7.2% during this period.

Force fund china equity

The index fund Morningstar Equity Greater China was ranked second with an increase of 3.9 %, reflecting gains robust recorded on the stock exchanges of Hong Kong and Shanghai, as well as an appreciation of 2.5% of the chinese currency relative to the canadian dollar. The funds in this category continue to be the highest performing in Canada since the beginning of the year, with a rise a collective 26 %.

The canadian equity fund have performed stationary in August, while the canadian energy sector contradicted the general results of the stock market. The fund index Morningstar canadian Equity has experienced a growth of 0.4 % for the month, while the indices of fund Shares in most canadian and canadian Equities income have both experienced an increase of 0.1 %.

Actions energy in the red

Index Morningstar u.s. Equity experienced an increase of 0.2% for the month, an under-ranking relative to the S&P 500 Index which has gained 0.6 per cent. The effects of currency have been minimal, but favorable to canadian investors, the u.s. dollar has appreciated 0.4 % against the loonie, thus amplifying the level of sub classification of the fund.

The category of the least performing in August was Equity energy index has dropped to 4.5 %. Among the other classes of shares in the red, Shares of financial services, natural resources Equity, and Shares of canadian SMES, down, respectively 1 %, 0.8% and 0.4% as.

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