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Groupe Qualinet settles the lawsuit filed by 32 franchisees and ex-franchisees


Hubert Roy

August 21, 2017 07:00

Photo : Groupe Qualinet

The restructuring of Groupe Qualinet has had another benefit for the company. She allowed him to settle a lawsuit filed in march 2016 by franchisees and ex-franchisees.

This is the sum of about 27 million, which were claimed to Éric Pichette and his company. Franchisees and ex-franchisees who have filed the lawsuit had a long list of reproaches to address to Mr. Pichette, and Qualinet : false statements about fraudulent, defects, and contractual breaches of obligations were part of this. This lawsuit is now a thing of the past, an agreement out of court having been found in June.

«We have always been confident that this dispute was not founded in law. However, we have taken advantage of the restructuring to agree to an amicable settlement. We do not want more of this burden. It gave us bad press, taking into account the strategy of the opposing party. Groupe Qualinet has no disputes with anyone, » said Mr. Pichette, in an interview to the Journal of the insurance.

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