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Half of Canadians willing to share their data for a reduced premium



January 9, 2018 09:45

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More than half of Canadians are willing to share their data for a reduced insurance premium, reveals a survey from In fact, 53.6% of respondents indicated that they are willing to share the information of their alarm system, their detectors, fire and flood with their insurer if it reduced their annual premium of home insurance.

Among other types of data, 53.8% of Canadians say they are willing to share their medical data to lower their premiums. In addition, 46 % would share their habits of life style, in which the data are collected by devices such as the watch, Fitbit, and 46 % would share their driving habits.

A number of concerns

However, the platform comparative notes that 35 % of Canadians are concerned about the theft of their information, while 20 % fear that the information transmitted will be used to increase their insurance premiums. Similarly, 29 % complained about the lack of privacy. The security of the information concerned 37 % of the women surveyed, compared to 33 % of the funds surveyed.

At the national level, it is Quebecers who are least likely to provide their medical data to insurers (49 %), while residents of the Atlantic provinces are more (67 %). In Ontario, this rate rises to 55 %, closely followed by western Canada at 54 %.

Discomfort with autonomous vehicles

The study of also revealed that only 41 % of those surveyed are comfortable with the idea of autonomous vehicles. It is in Ontario, where the inhabitants are more comfortable with autonomous vehicles, with a rate of 45 %. In western Canada, this rate is 41 %, Quebec at 39 % and in the Atlantic provinces at 32 %.

By contrast, Canadians are pretty comfortable with several technologies currently found in cars. In particular, 67 % appreciate support voice, 60 % connectivity of vehicles and 58% of the augmented reality display on the windshield.

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