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How to stay in contact with his former clients ?



3 January 2018 07:00

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We all know that our best opportunities often come from our existing customers. Either additional sales or referrals, our best sources of income are the customers that we have already acquired. It is essential to keep in touch with them. When is it of our former clients ? Those who are no longer with us. Is it possible to stay in contact with them without being ill-perceived ? Here are three tips to get there.

1. Give the information sought

Your former clients have concerns. If you send an informal e-mail containing answers to their questions, they will be grateful to you.

Think about the questions they ask most frequently. Your other customers and non-customers have surely the same questions. See what’s happening in your area. Y a-t-changes which cause uncertainty for your customers ?

In this case, your former clients will be glad to have answers too.

2. Be memorable and personal

Everyone is happy to receive a message for his birthday. Take the opportunity to contact a former client. Make sure to be original, do not send an e-mail which is lost in the mass. For some other clients, you can even send them a card paper.

All your communications should be customized to each client. They should represent you and ensure that people remember you.

3. Do a survey

You can take advantage of the opportunity to contact your former clients to find out what are their impressions about the experience they have lived with you. What have they liked or that they see as needing improvement ? What other services do they like to have that you don’t offer.

You should also ask them if they want to receive your monthly email updates. Invite them to like your page Facebook or add you on LinkedIn.

In short, it is possible to stay in touch with past clients without being perceived as intrusive. As long as people see value in what you send and that they do not feel pressure to » buy » from you. Also don’t forget to follow the rules of bill C-28 in order to avoid any fine.

Professionals are available to help you develop effective communication strategies and guard against the faux pas. Please do not hesitate to invest in their advice.

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